Welcome to Aquus, Grand Rapids’ fitness center, healthspa, and personal training mecca. Our approach is to create a welcoming environment featuring the very best resources to help our clients attain optimal well being.

Our co-founder, Julie Abraham, struggled for decades with chronic illness. After years of trial and error, she regained her health and wanted to share the resources that got her life back on track. Barb Bergmans, is Julie’s fitness coach and co-founder of Aquus. Barb brings her expertise in weight management, holistic health, and specialized fitness training to the team.

It’s important to us for you to have a productive and pleasant experience at Aquus, so you’ll notice it feels like a spa and there are many special touches including complimentary infused water, candles and comfortable places to lounge and visit. Our hard to find exercise equipment is all new, first rate and selected due to its ability to deliver results fast.

Whether you are overweight, seeking better health, overcoming age related problems, or simply looking to get in shape, you will feel welcome and appreciated at Aquus.